Agana Hash House Harriers History Site and Archive

“In the Beginning there was the green of the land, the blue of the ocean, and the gray of the pavement. Then came the Hashers who divided the dark from the light, and the boonies from Tamuning.”

–Slimus Maximus–

This site is dedicated to gathering information, stories and keeping the history of the Agana Hash House Harriers.

Gathering together history of any organization is difficult when no one really made an effort. No truer than with the Agana Hash House Harriers. Much of the history is made up of “Doncha’ remember that time—“. Many one run people and even more long time Hashers have stomped through the jungles of an island 36 miles long and 9 miles wide.

This is a long reaching goal to pull together everything. All the people, the runs, legends and more than enough rumor and innuendo by the time the AH3 turns 40 in 2021.

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